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We just got back from a 9-night stay at a local campground.  While we were there, I got to begin working on my “Tailgate Flowerbed”.  I’ve been wanting to make a flowerbed on the tailgate of The Little Teardrop, for a long time.
ChefOnWheels built me a white picket fence for the tailgate, a few years ago.  I put a few things inside the fence, at that time.  But, it didn’t make it through all the times it was put together and taken down… so, we scrapped that idea and started over.


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The Little Teardrop

“To the gypsy that remains…” (more…)

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“A place for everything,
and everything in its place.”

On our last camping trip, I realized that I’ve pretty much completed the perfect kitchen collection, for the teardrop… everything but the kitchen sink.  I thought I’d share (and review) these small appliances and accessories, with you.  Not only are they perfect for our (more…)

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